Give Loyalty Points to your Customers

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Retain Customers & Increase Sales

Growing your business takes time, effort and a whole lot of planning. When it comes to technology, the world is evolving at lightning speed. This is especially true when developing a loyalty program.

To effectively build a winning loyalty program, retailers must have a partner that not only understands the metrics and analytics driving the technology, but they must have a partner that they can trust to do the job effectively.

Increase Spend Per Visit

Our spend-based rewards can get customers spending up to 10% more every time they visit.

Automate your marketing programs

We make it easy for your customers to claim their rewards and earn points by simply scanning their mobile devices, so they’ll keep coming back for more. Never again lose a customer through tiring redemption processes.

Allows customers to engage with you anywhere

What methods can i use to contact a customer?

You have several options to contact your customers. Some main ones are – email, push notifications and SMS.

How easy is it to do all these?

Our platform is the easiest one available out there, if you ever used Social Media or sent an Email, its as easy as that.

How T3SV makes the ‘staying loyal’ part easy

Enter the T3SV Customer Loyalty & Rewards Software that not only rewards the customers for their brand loyalty but also makes the customers stay loyal to their favourite franchises. T3SV is an easy-to-use software designed and shaped elegantly by Technopark engineers that is advantageous to both the business and customers. After setting up their account, the business owners are able to set loyalty points for specific sales and are also able to reward customers based on their accumulated points and redeemable items.

"Loyal customers, they don’t just come back, they don’t simply recommend you,
they insist that their friends do business with you."

Chip R. Bell

We work for 3 business types

Banking & Finance
Banks and other financial institutions can forget the hurdles of managing loyalty points and redeemable items. T3SV handles them all and allows you to choose from various options.

Consumer Goods
Consumer goods can easly give loyalty points by simply printing the QR code in the product package which customers can redeem as mobile recharge or other products.

Retail Sector
As a retail business you can make use of the platform by the email, push, SMS campaigns and half a dozen of other tools to increase spend and revisits.

30 Days Free Trial